Sustainable Development

Sustainability Policies


MASISA has a sustainable development policy governing all the MASISA-controlled companies and/or investments in which the company is the owner of most or all the business management. This was approved by the CEO after review and presentation to the Board of Directors. The following aspects were addressed: triple bottom line management, operating (environmental, social and economic) impacts, social license, stakeholders, and sustainability balanced scorecard, the responsibilities of each segment of the organization, values and declaration of the Business Principles.

The policy sets out that MASISA is committed to managing its business sustainably, seeking to maximize the financial, social and environmental return of its operations. That entails incorporating social and environmental variables as a comprehensive part of its business strategy, which is presented in its sustainability balanced scorecard and its governance indicators, operating through triple bottom line management.

Regarding this, social responsibility is construed as responsible and ethical engagement with our surrounding communities and diverse stakeholders and in no case as philanthropy.

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