Corporate Information

Our strategic plan is to be a leader of long-term profits in the wood board business and forestry sector in Latin America, with differentiation based on customer service excellence, product innovation, and the efficient and sustainable management of our processes.

Based on this, we plan and carry out a short- and medium-term strategy underpinned by 4 large pillars.

  1. The first pillar is to get as close as possible to our customers.
  2. The second pillar is effective innovation by timely detecting new trends.
  3. Our objective for the industrial and forestry operations is to undertake activities with the greatest efficiency possible, which constitutes the third strategic pillar.
  4. The last pillar of the strategy but not the least is to maximize the synergy of the industrial and forestry assets.

We have opted for differentiation to compete in the wood board industry in Latin America by means of consolidated geographical diversification, obtaining major brand recognition in all the countries where this is present. This differentiating aspect, along with the Company’s long-term vision, is underpinned by a triple bottom line strategy of seeking to attain the highest sustainable and long-term economic, social and environmental return.

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