MDF Moldings

MDF moldings are sold in different profiles and thicknesses. They are mainly used for finishes in wall-floor, wall-ceiling combinations, and in frames.

Ultralight MDF mouldings with Ultra Prime™ don’t come any smoother than this

Our diverse line of UltraPrime® MDF mouldings is available in a wide assortment of stock and specialty patterns that can be customized for any order. Masisa MDF mouldings — known for their trademark smoothness — can come primed with our UltraPrime® jesso finish; the superb, easy-to-paint, no-bleed surface that satisfies customers’ desire for superior quality and streamlined final finishing processes.

Profiles include casing, base, chair rail, crown, jamb, stool and S4S board made to any specified length.

Environmental Certifications

We produce our light-weight MDF mouldings from boards manufactured using the eco-friendly standards that earn SCS-approved certification (Scientific Certification Systems) for incorporating recycled materials. Masisa has also achieved low formaldehyde emissions in 100 percent of its production, with an E-1 classification in all its plants. In addition, Masisa USA is OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Mill Capabilities

Masisa can ensure customers a reliable supply of raw material for MDF mouldings in any market condition. Our annual production capacity of MDF mouldings is among the largest of offshore producers. Manufacturing plants — strategically located in Chile and Argentina — enable Masisa to support our customers’ growth plans with a unique product and service offering.

Product Performance

With properties as wood-like as possible, the superior workability of our MDF mouldings offers the ease of cutting and coping your customers appreciate. The unbeatable combination of light weight and a consistent, defect-free surface ensures 100 percent usability.

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