Wood Boards

MASISA is a leading wood board producer in Latin America. It has industrial facilities in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico, besides commercial operations in over 40 countries.

The main products it produces are MDP, MDF and PB, which are mainly sold in Latin America


These are wood boards that are ideal for the production of quality furniture, straight lines or organic shapes. Their advantages are their homogeneousness, resistance, dimensional stability and density, and they are ideal for new uses in printing, painting and coating processes. This product is sold raw or coated.


These are boards manufactured with chips, wood shavings and sawdust, and they are resistant and light. They are used in furniture making, mainly in those applications where a flat finish is required. MASISA produces particleboards of different characteristics, formats and thicknesses, which are marketed as raw, or film- or melamine-coated boards.


These are wood fiber boards. Their main features are the excellent finishes that are achieved, lower wear and tear of tools and large savings on paint compared to other types of wood boards. MASISA manufactures MDF of different characteristics, formats and thicknesses, which are marketed as raw or coated boards.

Melamine Boards

These are PB, MDP or MDF coated on both sides with decorated sheets impregnated with melamine resins, which gives them a totally closed pore-free surface, which is hard and resistant to surface wear and tear. These boards have a wide range of colors and textures and offer the market the best variety of designs, wood and colors.



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